Crisis By Robin Cook

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When Boston-based Dr, Craig Bowman is served

with a summons for medical negligence, he's

shocked, enraged, and more than a little

humiliated. A devoted physician who has endured

grueling years of training and worked continuously

in the service of others, he is now a partner in an

exclusive concierge medical practice. No longer

forced to see more and more patients while

spending less and less time with each one just to

keep his office door open, he provides the kind

of medical care he has been prepared to do,

lavishing twenty-four-hour availability and

personalized attention on his hand-picked

patients. And at last he is earning a

significant income, no longer facing decreased

reimbursements from insurance companies.

But this idyllic situation comes to a grinding

halt one sunny afternoon--and things get

much, much worse.

This is a hardback book.