• 9K White Gold Filled Rosary Prayer Beads And Necklace***FREE SHIPPING***

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    24 Inches 9K white Gold Filled Rosary Pray Beads and necklace with clasp. Gorgeous, Lovely, very nice 4mm beads,
    with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.Very special.
    June is the month to Honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    Catholic shops sell gold plated Rosary's for over $100. and you won't find white gold.
    "Very beautiful prayer bead rosary necklace!"
    Amazingly the picture I took of the white gold Rosary looks like yellow Gold but it is white gold like pics 2 & 3.

    Gold-filled jewelry, also known as "rolled gold", is composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded with heat and
    pressure to another metal. This high quality gold-filled jewelry has the same appearance as solid 9k gold, and is far
    more durable than gold plate,even with daily wear,And this nickel-free 9k gold-filled jewelry is a perfect solution
    for people with sensitive skin. If you can wear solid gold, it is highly unlikely that gold-filled jewelry
    will cause irritation.